lundi 24 février 2014

模 mó / mold, model, standard, pattern, copy

摸 mō / feel by touch, gently touch with hand, caress

膜 mó / membrane, to kneel and worship

莫 mò / do not, is not, can not

葉 yè / leaf, petal, page of book, period

寬 kuān / broad, wide, spacious, vast

苦 kǔ / bitter; hardship, suffering

草 cǎo / grass, straw, thatch, herbs

若 ruò / if, supposing, assuming, similar

桌 zhuō / table, desk, stand

李 li / plum

氿 guǐ / mountain spring

染 rǎn / dye, be contagious, infect

渣 zhā / sediment, refuse, dregs, lees

查 chá / search, investigate, examine, seek into

妹 mèi / younger sister

味 wèi / taste, smell, odor, delicacy

沫 mò / froth, foam, bubbles, suds

末 mò / final, last, end; insignificant

未 wèi / not yet, 8th terrestrial branch, 1 to 3 pm

案 àn / legal case, desk, table, bench

本 běn / root, origin, source, basis

相 xiāng / mutual, reciprocal, each other

村 cūn / village, hamlet; uncouth, vulgar

枯 kū / dried out, withered, decayed

呆 dai / dull, simple, stupid

杏 xìng / apricot, almond

植 zhí / plant, trees, plants, grow

森 sen / forest

貯 zhù / store, stockpile, hoard

富 fù / abundant, ample, rich, wealthy

mercredi 19 février 2014

宵 xiāo / night, evening, dark

宣 xuān / declare, announce, proclaim

事 shì / affair, matter, business, accident, incident

實 shí / real

守 shǒu / defend, protect, guard, conserve

尚 shàng / still, yet, even, fairly, rather

冋 jiōng / desert, border

向 xiàng / toward, direction, trend

洞 dòng / cave, hole

同 tóng / same, similar; together with

冒 mào / risk